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Nashville Care Managers serve Davidson and Williamson Counties, Tennessee (TN) which includes Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill and surrounding towns.

Integrative Care Management Honoring mind, body and spirit.

Our Nashville Care Managers can manage everything they need, from hair appointments to medical appointments to helping them age in place in their own homes.

We provide peace and reassurance to elders and those with mental disabilities and their families by giving them the best experience possible in life, encouraging independence and giving them a sense of control while keeping them safe and tended.

Our professional Geriatric Care Managers can assist with a wide range of services, including:

  • Managing medical care
  • Acting as advocates for our clients and a liaison for families when relatives don't live nearby
  • Screening, arranging and monitoring in-home care
  • Negotiating through complex health care systems
  • Reviewing financial, legal or medical issues and offering safe referrals
  • Care plan assessments
  • Securing Medicaid and other little known benefits
  • Nutrition assistance
  • Home modification
  • Transportation and socialization
  • Helping decide when it's time to move to a facility and assisting with that move
  • Making sure clients who are on hospice stay in control and their wishes honored